Plan 07: Den Mohor Bima With Profit

Introduction :

Denmohor Bima is unique insurance plan innovated by Mercantile Islami Life to provide financial security for the married or bachelor individuals to pay off the denmohor to their spouse. According to Mohamedan and Contract Law, it is obligatory for the husband to pay his wife this rightful money agreed upon the contract of marriage (kabinnama) as soon as possible. Mercantile Islami Life Insurance Limited is presenting you this plan to meet the expense of denmohor.


    • This plan is for incumbent male person whether married or bachelor to provide financial security to pay off denmohor to their spouse.
    • Minimum age of entry is 20 years and maximum age is 55 years.
    • Premiums can be paid annually, half yearly or quarterly.
    • Minimum and maximum policy term would be 10 years and 20 years.
    • Policyholder may surrender the policy at least after the full payment of two consecutive year’s premium and will receive surrender value quoted at the time of surrender.
    • Policyholder may obtain a loan (maximum 90% of surrender value) against the policy by mortgaging it.
    • Accidental Death Benefits (ADB) & Permanent Disabilities Accidental Benefits (PDAB) may be covered.
    • Income tax rebate may be obtained by taking the policy.The claim amount is also tax free.


  • Survival Benefit: The policyholder will receive full sum assured together with accrued bonuses on maturity at end of the term. The policyholder can utilize the maturity benefit for settlement of denmohor or for any other purposes. If the policyholder requires cash benefit before the end of the stated term he can surrender the policy and receive cash surrender value to be quoted by the Chartered Life.
  • Death Benefit: The beneficiary/nominee will receive full sum assured on death of the policyholder within the term of the policy together with bonuses accrued up to the date of his death.