Plan 03: Three Stage Payment Insurance With profit

Introduction :

If you make the habit of savings today definitely you might lead a peaceful, quiet & happy life in future. Three Stage Payment Assurance Plan is the most fabulous & popular Life Insurance Plan to its prospective clients throughout the country. This Plan provides high insurance protection and attractive returns on paid premium. It encourages savings to fulfill insured’s prospective future life.


  • This plan assures emergency inflows of cash for necessity of policyholder
  • Premiums can be paid annually, half yearly & quarterly
  • Policy term would be for 12 years, 15 years, 18 years, 21 years & 24 years
  • This policy would be surrendered after two yearly installments are paid.
  • Policy holder may obtain a loan (maximum 90% of surrender value) against the policy.
  • Accidental Death Benefits (ADB) & Permanent Disabilities Accidental Benefits (PDAB) may be covered
  • Income tax rebate may be obtained by taking the policy.
  • The claim amount is also tax free

* Survival Benefit: The policy holder will receive 25% of the basic sum assured at the end of the one third of the premium payment term.

The policy holder will receive another 25% of the basic sum assured at the end of two-third of the premium payment term

The policy holder will receive remaining 50% of the basic sum assured together with accrued bonus on maturity at the end of the term

  • Death Benefit: The nominee will receive full sum assured on death of the policyholder within the term of the policy together with the bonus accrued up to the date of his/her death.