10 Best Xbox 360 Emulators To Play Xbox Games On PC 1. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Presenting the Presentation Update: AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, FXAA, CAS, Variable Refresh Rate, and more! Addeddate 2022-07-31 19:46:32 Identifier To enable them, choose Post-processing settings from Display. I currently have a massively outdate nvidia 760, which is capable of basic games. Dont eventryrunning the emulator with integrated graphics. Download the latest build of Xenia from the official site. This emulator can project more than 50 tiles of both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Some of the latest updates and fixes in it might be just what the doctor ordered for your game to work. Just for sonic 06 to see what all the fuss is about. It's got quiet away to grow before a lot more compatibility is made with the emulator. Lista de Roms por letras. Start by downloading the client from the official Xenia site. So, you should get both versions and switch between using the best for each title you play. 2023 RetroEmulators.com. Thus, we'll skip it for this one and take for granted that you have some Xbox 360 ISO files lying around. Xenia (Xbox 360 Emulator) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive. In the 15 years since Xbox 360 launched, PC hardware has evolved considerably. Can somebody tell me whats happening? For newer roms, go to the popular games tab or the other company's tabs. Roms XBox - #/9. GPU emulation, in particular, has been a very fun adventure throughout all of the development of Xenia. Emuparadise.me. As a result, Xenia is mind-numbingly easy to use, as we will see next. Its easy to download, the UI is simply taking no power from your computer, and its as easy as extracting the ZIP file and opening up your legal ROMs from your PC. Are ROMs with built-in viruses still a concern? Here's how to play Xbox 360 games on Windows with Xenia. Are ROMs with built-in viruses still a concern? It needs about 6-12 months to be worthwhile in my guesstimations. As we saw in the past, when emulating a Commodore Amiga on your PC, compatibility isn't a roadblock anymore. I'm 10 months late but my laptop runs RPCS3 and Xenia flawlessly, I played Castlevania Lords of shadows 2 yesterday (PS3) for 4 hours and Naruto Broken Bonds on the 360 emulator for about 2-3 hours without a single issue. There are Five tabs that link directly to collections based on console and publisher, these include Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Sega, and the PC. Idk. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. xenia is a BSD licensed open source research project for emulating Xbox 360 games on modern PCs. Quick Summary . WebBest Place For Xbox 360 Roms So I know about the mega thread (And I get all my roms there) , but are there any other good websites to look for ROMS/ISOS of Xbox 360 Xenia is an Xbox 360 emulator, a program that replicates the Xbox 360 console in software form. Can somebody tell me whats happening? Read on to find out. Compatibility with that game in the emulator is very good. Xenia supports ISO images and you can find an ISO for nearly any Xbox 360 game on this site here. Xenia has constantly been evolving in all its aspects the OS reimplementation, the CPU, audio processing, and of course emulation of the Xbox 360s Xenos graphics processing unit. WebSpiderman Web of Shadows Steam Deck played on Xenia Canary Xbox 360 emulator Steam Deck in Windows 10 #steamdeck #xenia #spidermanwebofshadowsThis games https://old.reddit.com/r/Roms/comments/m59zx3/roms_megathread_40_html_edition_2021/. Xenia Master was developed by Xenia and you can run Xbox 360 games with it. Contact | However, many titles are already working almost perfectly, as if they were native PC ports. I want to know what the best Pokemon Romhacks or Fanmade Emulation on Xbox Series S (N64, PSX, Wii, Etc.). And yet, it's over a decade since we got our hands on our beloved Xbox 360s. So I know about the mega thread (And I get all my roms there) , but are there any other good websites to look for ROMS/ISOS of Xbox 360 Games. Are ROMs with built-in viruses still a concern? For copyright issues / DMCA requests, please check our Legal / DMCA Page. Click to open the .exe file for it. Besides that, PC gamers are forced to miss out on a lot of great exclusives, too. Thankfully, it can already play enough Xbox 360's titles to keep us busy until it achieves 100% compatibility. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. You should visit it to find more information about any game you want to play. WebXBox 360. Fortunately, its very easy and super cheap to get hold of seventh-gen games. The only game Im looking to play is Fable 2 because its one of the only Xbox 360 exclusives that havent been released on PC. Python took a long time but i have not even opened it and i know its goood. However, addictive gameplay doesn't age, and the related emulators' compatibility is also much higher than Xenia. Unfortunately, it all depends on the title you're playing, so you won't be able to avoid re-tinkering with those options in the future. 615 . XQEMU Emulator 9. The emulator's size is DXBX Emulator 10. I use Xenia, all the configuration is done in text mode, which is a hassle, but it's generally set-up to use after extracting. Xenia is a work in progress. state-playable Title can be reasonably played from start to finish with little to no issues. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Step 1. Xenia's authors suggest enabling one of the two NVIDIA Fast Approximate Antialiasing modes together with one of AMD's FidelityFX sharpening solutions for smooth but crisp visuals. GoldenEye, 007, Rareware, Xbla, Xbox 360, Cancelled, Xenia, Emulator, Microsoft, Beta, FPS Identifier goldeneye-007-xbox-360 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4. plus-circle Add Review. Can somebody tell me whats happening? There are ways to create such backups from your original Xbox 360 DVDs by either using an original console or a compatible DVD reader/burner. All rights reserved. For newer roms, go to the popular games tab or the other company's Roms XBox - A. Roms XBox - B. Roms XBox - C. Roms XBox - D. Roms XBox - E. Roms XBox - F. Roms XBox 360. At the same time, the very same tweaks that make all that possible might also lead to crashes and reduced compatibility in other games. Pack de Roms XBox. remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Free Xenia from it's chains of crashing captivity and break free to experience what Unleashed emulated on Xenia is all about! Dante's Inferno went in-game, and we could play through its introductory level until it, too, unfortunately, crashed. WebXenia Master is a Xbox 360 emulator that runs on Windows platform. OK has been melting keycaps and tinkering with tech since the 8-bit era. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. You can navigate by scrolling down from the top of the page. In the latter case, you'll have to connect them to your PC with a wireless receiver. Choose it and, hey presto, play! fifa19 and minecraft. Some currently incompatible titles might be rendered playable with some tweaks or in past versions of the emulator. WebXenia - Xbox 360 Emulator. Online Status. even if it's not fake, it has like 3 games. 45. WebIf you are looking for roms: Go to the link in https://www.reddit.com/r/Roms/comments/m59zx3/roms_megathread_40_html_edition_2021/ You can navigate by scrolling down from the top of the page. Is There a v1.2 Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland What are you favorite, lesser known ROMS that everyone Hasbro Family Game Night Fun Pack- Xbox 360, Press J to jump to the feed. When you click on the link to Github the first link you land on will be the Home tab, this tab explains how to use the Megathread. most fake shit i've ever seen. [Dash][Rom Set] MSX Megapack for coinops. There's been an issue reading content from the game disc. Weird screen glitch. However, he somehow found himself writing tutorials (and some game reviews) for the best PC-centric magazines in Greece, Computer For All and, later, PC World. Start by running the main Master version of Xenia. Thats all there is to it. You can technically control Xenia with the keyboard but this is a frankly terrible way of playing the majority of Xbox 360 games. Once you have all this, its time to get Xenia to work. You only have to launch one of the two emulator's variants, choose your game, and in seconds you should be playing. For example, a European release might have more languages and extra DLCs than its North American iteration. The Xbox 360 had a powerful GPU and this makes Xenia more GPU-bound than many other emulators. Xenia - Xbox 360 Emulator 1.0.2776 Benvanik 3.4 9 683.9 k The future of Xbox 360 emulators Advertisement Latest version 1.0.2776 Dec 16th, 2022 Older Here Are 13 Solutions to Fix It. DLL Files Download, Playstation emulator for iOS (iPhone,iPad). Amiga emulators have matured enough to tackle almost anything Amiga-related you throw at them. Weird screen glitch. You must have Microsoft Visual Studio and Python 2.7 installed in order to use Xenia. VR Xbox 360 Emulator 2. Xbox 360 emulator named Xenia allows you to play Xbox 360 games on PC. Both versions come in ZIP archives instead of install levels. A zip file will be downloaded on to your computer straight away. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However, that's a topic for a different article. Third, youll need a fairly powerful, modern PC. Does anyone have this complete rom set for Nintendo DS. Again, we strongly recommend ONLY downloading ISOs for games you already own. If you are looking for roms: Go to the link in https://www.reddit.com/r/Roms/comments/m59zx3/roms_megathread_40_html_edition_2021/. Does anyone have this complete rom set for Nintendo DS. You can press F11 to go fullscreen if you want. I can play skate, although it does crash every once in a while. But in terms of usability right now, wed have to give the edge to Xenia. But for todays guide, well point you to an easy alternate: Downloading the ISO. Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. Instead of having to go grab it later, it's better to also download Xenia's Canary version in parallel from the Xenia Canary page at Github. For newer roms, go to the popular games tab or the other company's WebXbox360 Games For Xenia. Xbox 360 Emulator Research Project Read More. Thats it! But also, yes, there are some caveats. Sonic, Xbox 360 Language Multiple Sonic Unleashed for the Xbox 360. Step 4. Looking for a Camera app for x3 pro custom rom, Looking for Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper on PC, looking for parkour + shooter fps game pc. If the Xbox One is jailbroken and people get access to the official Xbox 360 emulator that Microsoft uses for BC then it might become playable that way. En pocas palabras: es posible emular juegos, pero an es una labor relativamente compleja. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.reddit.com/r/Roms/comments/m59zx3/roms_megathread_40_html_edition_2021/. Supported original Xbox games will run each with an emulation profile that has been recompiled for each game with the emulation profiles stored on the console's hard drive. Original Xbox games must use the original game disc and can't be installed to the hard drive unlike Xbox 360 games. Xenia es un emulador de Xbox 360 que, si bien an est lejos de ser un producto terminado que pueda disfrutar cualquier usuario, ofrece una base slida sobre la que se est edificando un proyecto muy interesante. how to play PlayStation (PS1) games on PC, The 13 Best Offline Games for iPhone and iPad to Play Without Data or Wi-Fi, 15 Must-Have Windows Apps and Software for Any New PC, How to Free Up RAM and Reduce RAM Usage on Windows, 14 Solutions for When Your iPhone Doesnt Ring for Incoming Calls, The 20 Best Offline Games on Android That Don't Need Internet, How to Find an Online Community to Support Your New Year Resolutions, Make Your New Year's Resolutions Work With 10+ Super Tools, Setting Goals for the New Year? I have the same question. Step 2. Download Xbox 360 Games From the Microsoft StoreLook for and select the Microsoft Store icon in your toolbar. Alternatively, type " Microsoft Store " into the Windows search bar, then select Microsoft Store .In the search bar, type the name of the game you want to find. If it's available on the Microsoft Store, you should find it.Select the game to enter its store page.Select Get to purchase the game. You could forget about them, but that would also mean trying to let go of how you were so close to finishing Ninja Gaiden II. Roms DC. Offline. FXAA's extreme quality and FidelityFX's Super Resolution 1.0 (FSR) modes are more demanding on the GPU and should produce better visuals. Those titles could have been released with minor tweaks for different regions. Youll be presented a blank screen and a menu bar at the top. Today, well be exploring how to emulate Xbox 360 games like Red Dead Redemption on your PC with Xenia. Crossfit Wods Were now at the point where emulators are powerful enough to run both Xbox 360 and PS3 games at playable framerates. Select the ISO you downloaded. Xenia is an experimental emulator for the Xbox 360. [NTSC][U] [HDD Icon Fix], [Fix] Final Fight - Streetwise [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Frankie Dettori Racing - Melbourne Cup Challenge [PAL][E] [HDD File Names Fix], [Fix] Freestyle Metal X [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball [NTSC][U] [HDD Fix], [Fix] Haunted Mansion [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Head Hunter - Redemption [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] High Rollers Casino [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Hitman - Contracts [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Hunter - The Reckoning [NTSC][U] [HDD [Icon Fix], [Fix] IndyCar Series 2005 [NTSC][U] [HDD Fix], [Fix] IndyCar Series [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Inside Pitch 2003 [NTSC][U] [HDD Fix], [Fix] Italian Job, The [NTSC][U] [Icon Fix], [Fix] James Bond 007 - Agent Under Fire [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing [NTSC][U] [HDD Fix & 480p Fix], [Fix] Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude [NTSC][U] [HDD Fix and Censor Removal], [Fix] LMA Manager 2005 [PAL][E] [HDD File Name Fix], [Fix] Mashed - Fully Loaded [PAL][E] [480p Fix], [Fix] Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix [NTSC][U] [HDD File Name Fix], [Fix] MLB Slugfest 20-03 [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] MLB Slugfest 20-04 [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Motocross Mania 3 [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] MX World Tour Featuring Jamie Little [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] NBA Inside Drive 2002 [NTSC][U] [Icon Fix], [Fix] Neighbours from Hell [PAL][E] [Icon Fix], [Fix] Operation Flashpoint - Elite [NTSC][U] [Icon Fix], [Fix] Over the Hedge [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2 [NTSC][U] [Xbox Live fix], [Fix] Pro Fishing Challenge [NTSC][U] [Icon Fix], [Fix] Real World Golf [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Richard Burns Rally [PAL][E] [480p Fix], [Fix] Shellshock NAM'67 [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Sims, The Bustin Out [NTSC][U] [HDD Fix], [Fix] Ski Racing 2005 [PAL][E] [480p Fix], [Fix] Ski Racing 2006 [PAL][E] [480p Fix], [Fix] Smashing Drive [NTSC][U] [Icon Fix], [Fix] SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Star Wars Republic Commando [NTSC][U] [480p fix for Widescreen], [Fix] Starsky and Hutch [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Street Racing Syndicate [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] TOCA Race Driver 2 [NTSC][U] [HDD File Names Fix], [Fix] TOCA Race Driver 3 [NTSC][U] [HDD File Names Fix], [Fix] Top Gear RPM Tuning [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] True Crime - New York City [NTSC][U] [HDD File Names Fix], [Fix] Ultimate Spider-Man [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Vietcong - Purple Haze [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] WinBack2 - Project Possidon [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Worms 3D - Special Edition [NTSC][U] [Icon Fix], [Fix] Worms 4 - Mayhem [NTSC][U] [Icon Fix], [Fix] Xbox Music Mixer [NTSC][U] [HDD Fix], [Fix] XGRA - Extreme-G Racing Association [NTSC][U] [480p Fix], [Fix] Yetisports Artic Adventures [PAL][E] [480p Fix], [Homebrew]Emulator] MekaX v3b16 (newest update), [Homebrew][Dash] XBMC4Xbox 3.5.3 (new update), [Homebrew][Emualator] DevilutionX/Diablo Port v1.0 (new release), [Homebrew][Emualator] Surreal64 CE B6.1 Beta r342 (new update), [homebrew][Emualator][Extra] Final Burn Legends Video Previews Set, [Homebrew][Emualator][Romset] Surreal64 CE B6.1 Beta r342 + Full NTSC-U N64 Romset, [Homebrew][Emuallator] MessTrex V1b01 And XVectrex V1 (New Release), [Homebrew][Emualtor] DesmumeX v0.86 (new update), [Homebrew][Emualtor] MAMEoX v0.72 2018 (new update), [Homebrew][Emualtor] MAMEoXtras v1.20 (new update), [Homebrew][Emualtor] Vice20X Commodore VIC-20 Emulator port for XBox v6b6 (new release), [homebrew][Emulator] (CoinOPS 7) Premium 6 Standalone (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 6 R10 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.16 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Vice20X v6b5 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] 3dox alpha 0.715 (3DO EMU)*, [Homebrew][Emulator] AdamX v6b6 (newest update), [Homebrew][Emulator] BlueMSXBox BlueMSX Emulator port for XBox v7, [Homebrew][Emulator] Chip8X - CHIP8/SuperCHIP8 Emulator for XBox v5 (NEW UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] Classic99x - Texas Instruments 99 Emulator for XBox v3 (NEW UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] COINOPS 4 BETA Release*, [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 6 R12 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Coinops 6 r14 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 6 R14 Update, [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 6 R15 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Coinops 6 R16 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 6 R3 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Coinops 6 r4 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 6 R5 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 6 R7 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 6 R8 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 6 R9 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 7 R2 Standalone (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 7 R3 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 7 Standalone (new release), [homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 7 Standalone R4 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 8 R4 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Coinops 8 R4 Full Mame Rom Set (25 Parts about 820mb Each), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 8 Standalone (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 8 Standalone R2 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 8 Standalone R5 Happy New Years 2017 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] CoinOPS 8 Standalone R6 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Daphne X 0.96 [LASERDISC EMU] [2SHARED]*, [Homebrew][Emulator] DesmumeX v.0.8 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Desmumex v0.2 (NEW DS EMU RELEASE), [Homebrew][Emulator] DesmumeX v0.5 (new ds emu update), [Homebrew][Emulator] DesmumeX v0.6 (New Emu Update), [Homebrew][Emulator] DesmumeX v0.7 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] DesmumeX v0.85 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] DesmumeX v0.87 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] EpochX v1.0 (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] FCEUltraX v17 (old release), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Alpha 1.22 (True Full Rom Set + Configured + Skin), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Consoles 1.2 (EMU), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final burn legends 1.12 optimized (NEW UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends 1.23, [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends 1.666, [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends Arcade Emu v1.1, [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends Marquees, [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends Unofficial (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.11 (NEW EMU UPDATE)*, [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.12.4 Beta (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.13 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.14 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.15 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.17 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.18 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.19 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.20 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.21 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.22 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.23 (New Update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.24 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.25 (New Update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.26 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Final Burn Legends v1.26 u1 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Frodo-X v5 (Commodore 64 Emu) (500KB), [Homebrew][Emulator] Game&WatchX v1.0 (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] Genesis Plus GX v1.06b Public Beta (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Handheld DreamX v1.0 (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] KEGS-X Apple IIgs/e/c/+ Emulator port for XBox v5 (NEW UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] KIxxx 1.2 + Killer Instinct 1 and 2 Arcade Games (NEW UPDATE), [homebrew][Emulator] KIxxx 1.2u1 (update), [Homebrew][Emulator] MADrigalX v0.9 (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] MADrigalX v1.0 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] MAME0X-MAS (new upate), [Homebrew][Emulator] Mameox 0.72 (Older version of mame)*, [Homebrew][Emulator] Mameox 0.72 2021 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] MAMEoX v0.72 2018 Bonus, [Homebrew][Emulator] Mameoxtras 1.0u (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Mameoxtras 1.5 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Mameoxtras 1.5u (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Mameoxtras 1.6u (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] MAMEoXtras 10th Anniversary (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] MAMEoXtras 10th Anniversary Year Release 2 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Mameoxtras 2020 (New Release), [Homebrew][Emulator] MAMEoXtras 2020 Release 2 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Mameoxtras 2021 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] MAMEoXtras Final (New Update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Mameoxtras Final Bonus (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] MAMEoXtras Gamezfan Unofficial Release, [Homebrew][Emulator] MAMEoXtras Gamezfan Unofficial Release 2 (new 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[Homebrew][Emulator] MednafenX-NES - NES/Famicom/NES FDS Emulator for XBox v15, [Homebrew][Emulator] Mednafenx-nes V15b14 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] MednafenX-PCE - PCE/TG16 Emulator for XBox v5*, [Homebrew][Emulator] MednafenX-PCE - PCE/TG16 Emulator for XBox v6b15 (newest beta release), [Homebrew][Emulator] MessoXtras v0.51 (MESS PORT)(NEW RELEASE), [Homebrew][Emulator] MessoXtras v0.6 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] MessTrex - A GCE Vectrex Emulator port for XBox v2 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] MessTrex - A GCE Vectrex Emulator port for XBox v3 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] MuchimeX v0.5 (MuchimeX: Multi Chinese Machine Emulator for Xbox) (NEW), [Homebrew][Emulator] Neko ProjectX v0.7 (New Emu Release), [Homebrew][Emulator] Neocdsdlx Unleashed (Neo-Geo CD Emu)*, [Homebrew][Emulator] NeoGensPlusGX v1b00 Public Beta (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] NeoGensPlusGX v1b02 Public Beta + Pier Solar Rom And CD (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] NeoGensPlusGX v1b04 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] NeoGensPlusGX v1b06 (Box Art/Controls/Skin (480p) 32x CD Mega Drive, [Homebrew][Emulator] NeoGensPlusGX v1b06 Public Beta (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] NeoGensPlusGX v1b07 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] NeoGensPlusGX v1b08 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] NeoGensPlusGX v1b09 (New Update), [Homebrew][Emulator] NeoGensPlusGX v1b10 (New Update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Neopopx - Neogeo Pocket Color Emulator For Xbox V6, [Homebrew][Emulator] Nester-X v0.23 (Old Release), [Homebrew][Emulator] NestopiaX '21 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] NestopiaX 1.4 (NEW UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] Nestopiax 1.5 SCE (NEW UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] NestopiaX 2.0 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Nestopiax 2.1 Prerelease (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] NestopiaX 2.2 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Nestopiax Special Castlevania Facelift Edition (New Update), [Homebrew][Emulator] PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox unofficial v2 (EMU UPDATE) (ZSHARE)*, [Homebrew][Emulator] Pcsxbox - Psx Emulator For Xbox V22b22 (New Public Beta Release), [Homebrew][Emulator] PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v22b25 (newest beta release), [Homebrew][Emulator] Pcsxbox - Psx Emulator For Xbox V23 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] PcsXbox v21 Redux (NEW UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] Pcsxbox With CHD Support (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] RetroArch 1.7.7 unofficial Nintendo Edition, [Homebrew][Emulator] Retroarch 1.7.7 Update (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] RetroArch v0.9.7 (NEW MULTI EMU RELEASE)*, [Homebrew][Emulator] RetroArch v1.7.4 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] RetroArch-XBOX-1.7.1 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Retroarch-xbox1-v1.0.0.1 (NEW UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] RetroArch.Xbox1.v1.0.0.2 (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] SamCoupeX v0.6 (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] SamCoupeX v0.7 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Snes9xbox 6b06 (plus a rom update for Xbox Advance 24b07), [Homebrew][Emulator] SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for XBox v6 (NEW UPDATE)*, [Homebrew][Emulator] SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for XBox v6b07 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for XBox v6b08 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Snex9xbox_6b05 + Xboxadavnce_v24b05, [Homebrew][Emulator] Stella Atari 2600 Emulator for XBox v2, [Homebrew][Emulator] Sureal64CE Beta4 Rev333 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Surreal 64 b5.6 rev 235 (new N64 emu update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Surreal64 CE B6.1 Beta r306 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Surreal64 CE B6.1 Beta r315 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Surreal64 Community Edition B5.52u Unofficial Patch, [Homebrew][Emulator] Surreal64CE B6.0 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Surreal64CE B6.1 Beta4 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Uzeboxx v0.9 (new release), [Homebrew][Emulator] Vice20X Commodore VIC-20 Emulator port for XBox v6b4 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Vice64X Commodore 64 Emulator port for XBox v10 (NEW UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] Vice64x Commodore 64 Emulator port for Xbox v10b10 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Vice64X Commodore 64 Emulator port for XBox v10b9 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Vice64X Commodore 64 Emulator port for XBox v9*, [Homebrew][Emulator] Vice64X v10b7 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Vice64X v11 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Virtual JaguarX 1.20 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Virtual JaguarX v0.95b (NEW ATARI JAGUAR EMU UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] Virtual JaguarX v0.98 (NEW UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] VirtualBoyX - Virtual Boy Emulator for XBox v3, [Homebrew][Emulator] WinSTonX Atari ST Emulator port for XBox v9, [Homebrew][Emulator] WinUAEX Lite and WinUAEX Amiga Emulator port for XBox v18b13 (new beta update), [Homebrew][Emulator] WinUAEX Lite AND WinUAEX Amiga Emulator port for XBox v19b2 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Wonderswanx Wonderswan Handheld Emulator Port For Xbox V5 [FILESERVE]*, [Homebrew][Emulator] X68000X v6b04 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] X68000X X68000 Emulator port for XBox v6 (NEW UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] XBoyAdvance - GB/GBC/GBA Emulator for XBox v25 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] XBoyAdvance - GBA/GBC/GB/SGB/SGB2 Emulator for XBox v24, [Homebrew][Emulator] XBoyAdvance v24b7 (Newest Version), [Homebrew][Emulator] xNeoRaine 1.2.11 (NEOGEO CD EMU), [Homebrew][Emulator] xNeoRaine v1.2.11 And Full NEO-GEO CD Romset, [Homebrew][Emulator] Xport- XboyAdvance optmized (NEW RELEASE), [Homebrew][Emulator] xSnes9x V1.42 17June2004, [Homebrew][Emulator] XVectrex V2 (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Xwolf3d V1.2 (New Release), [Homebrew][Emulator] Yabause A2 unofficial (NEW SATURN EMU UPDATE), [Homebrew][Emulator] ZsnexBox 3.7 240P (new update), [Homebrew][Emulator] Zsnexbox 3.7 SNES EMU [mediafire]*, [Homebrew][Emulator][Extra] Final Burn Legends "Hadouken!" dramatic monologues from stranger things, murdoc and 2d, capricorn monthly horoscope 2022,
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